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Using a Board

What is a board?

A board displays issues from one or more projects, giving you a flexible way of viewing, managing and reporting on work in progress. There are two types of boards in JIRA Agile:

  Scrum board — for teams that plan their work in sprints. More about Scrum
  Kanban board — for teams that focus on managing and constraining their work-in-progress. More about Kanban

You can use a board that someone else has created, or create your own — you can create as many boards as you like. Creating a new board is simple:

  1. Choose which project(s) the board will display, using JIRA’s Query Language (JQL)
  2. Lay out status columns
  3. Set Swimlanes — based on assignees, parent/sub-task issues, or JQL queries of your choice
  4. (optional) Set Quick Filters

For more information on creating a board, see Creating a Board.

Viewing a board

  1. Click the Agile link's down-arrow in the top navigation bar, then select your preferred board from the resulting dropdown menu.
    (info) If this is your first visit you will be prompted to create a new Board.

  2. Choose what you want to do in the sidebar:

    Scrum board Kanban board
    Backlog: build a backlog and plan sprints. Learn more... Active sprints: manage work that is in progress,
    i.e. active sprints. Learn more... Reports: produce reports about different parts of your project,
    e.g. burndown reports for sprints. Learn more...
    Kanban board: manage work that is in progress. Learn more...  Reports: produce reports about different parts of your project,
    e.g. control charts for your project. Learn more...

Navigating in a board

Instant Filter (Backlog only) — Type an issue key, issue type, or part of the issue summary to filter your backlog for matching issues,

Quick Filter: Click a Quick Filter to apply it or remove it. You can also configure custom Quick Filters for your board, see Configuring Quick Filters.

Sidebar: Click the dropdown at the top of the sidebar to select a board to view. Use the options on the sidebar to navigate to different parts of the board, as described in 'Viewing a board' above.
To hide/show the sidebar, click the << or >> icon at the bottom of the sidebar.

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9 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Sarah Goff-Dupont [Atlassian]

    An issue will only be visible in Plan mode if:

    Also... if the issue is not a sub-task. 

    Took me a while to figure out why the filter I based my board on had more "non-Done" issues in it than was showing in Plan mode. Turns out this is why. There are a couple feature requests on jira.atlassian.com around this, FWIW. 

    10 Oct 2013
  2. User avatar

    liangzi zhao

    Hello , I use a scrum board. I want set Flag a custom field (Block). I see classic broad can support the feature. Could you tell me how to do in scrum board? 

    30 Dec 2013
  3. User avatar

    Philipp Wucherer


    i created a Kanban board with 5 columns.

    After opening the board under: Agile -> xx_Board.

    I can just see 3 columns.
    I double checked the columns and they are still 5 columns created but strangely JIRA only shows me 3!

    How can that be and how can i solve this problem?

    Can anybody please help / give any tipps?

    Thx in advance (smile)


    08 Dec 2014
    1. User avatar

      Chad Wilhelm


      You have to map status to each column to get them to show.



      25 Feb 2015
  4. User avatar

    Timothy Harris

    Anybody know if it is possible to change the board type? Say from KanBan to Scrum and vice versa...

    Quite the pain to re-create boards and their configuration...

    29 Jan 2015
    1. User avatar

      Andrew Lui [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Unfortunately, this is not possible. You should be able to reuse the filter from your old board, but you'll have to recreate any quick filters, card customisations, etc.

      Kind regards,

      29 Jan 2015
    1. User avatar

      Martin Jopson [Atlassian]

      Timothy Harris, please add your use-case and any details to this Suggestion:  GHS-6656 - Ability to convert Agile boards between Scrum and Kanban types Open

      Kind regards,
      JIRA Agile

      29 Jan 2015
      1. User avatar

        Timothy Harris

        Thanks for the answers.

        I will do so.


        (big grin)

        30 Jan 2015
  5. User avatar

    Dan Sumption

    Is there a way of changing the title of a board? I have several projects, and have a large monitor set to automatically advance through the Kanban boards for each of them, but at the top of the page for each one it just says "Kanban board". Which isn't very helpful, as they're all Kanban boards.

    What I would like to be able to do instead is display the name of the project as the board title.

    23 Mar 2015
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