Viewing the Burndown Chart

A Burndown Chart shows the actual and estimated amount of work to be done in a sprint. The horizontal x-axis in a Burndown Chart indicates time, and the vertical y-axis indicates cards (issues).

Use a Burndown Chart to track the total work remaining and to project the likelihood of achieving the sprint goal. By tracking the remaining work throughout the iteration, a team can manage its progress and respond accordingly.

(info) This page only applies to Scrum boards.

To view the Burndown Chart:

  1. Navigate to the desired board.
  2. Click Reports
  3. Select Burndown Chart from the Reports dropdown at the top of the page. The burndown chart for your active sprint will be displayed (see screenshot below). 
    • To choose a different sprint, click the sprint dropdown.
    • (6.7.7 or later) To choose a different estimate statistic, click the estimation statistic dropdown. This change will be saved for you, for when you next visit this chart.


  • The Burndown Chart is board-specific, that is, it will only include issues which match your board's Saved Filter.
  • The vertical axis represents your configured Tracking Statistic.
  • A list of issues that are incomplete at the end of the sprint is shown at the bottom of the page.
  • The mapping of statuses to your board determines when an issue is considered "To Do" or "Done". See Configuring Columns for more information.
  • If the grey 'Guideline' line does not show, the sprint may have been started before any issues were assigned to it or the issues has no estimation values, as described in this KB article.


Screenshot: Burndown Chart (click to enlarge)

(tick) Click Non Working Days to highlight days when your team won't be working.



Last modified on Dec 16, 2015

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