Using the Version Report Gadget

The Version Report gadget displays the Version Report as a gadget on your JIRA dashboard, so that you can easily view and share it.

(tick) This gadget is Wallboard-capable

Screenshot: the Version Report gadget

Adding the Version Report gadget to your dashboard

  1. Navigate to your dashboard in JIRA.
  2. Click the Add Gadget link in the top right. The Gadget Directory screen will appear.
  3. Find the Version Report gadget in the list of gadgets and click Add it now.
  4. Click the Finished button at the bottom right. The Version Report gadget will display on your dashboard. 
  5. Choose the desired board, version, and refresh interval for your gadget and click Save


  • Hover over points in the graph to view information about the completion of issue(s) during the version.
  • You can add the Version Report gadget to your dashboard multiple times, if you wish to track multiple versions.
  • You can change the setup details later by selecting Edit from the cog drop-down which appears when you hover over the top right corner of the displayed gadget.

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