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Creating an Issue

An issue typically represents a user story. Once you have created an issue, you will typically create several sub-tasks representing the work items required to implement the story.

To create an issue in JIRA Agile:

  1. Type "c" or click Create at the top of the screen.
  2. Enter your issue details (see screenshot below) and click Create.


  • If you are using a Scrum board, you can quickly create issues using the inline issue create (backlog and future sprints only). Just click + Create issue.
    Note, if your board's filter specifies more than one project, you will still need to complete the full 'Create issue' dialog. 
  • If you can't find a field on the 'Create Issue' dialog, click Configure Fields on the dialog and choose Where is my field?
  • To quickly create multiple issues with similar details, select the Create another check box at the bottom of the issue details dialog when creating an issue. Your issue will be created and a new 'Create Issue' dialog box will be pre-populated with your previous issue details, while leaving the Summary field blank.
  • Your issue will be created at the top of the backlog, unless you have an issue selected in the backlog or you have specified a sprint when creating the issue. If you have an issue selected in the backlog, your issue will be created right below the selected issue. If you have specified a sprint, your issue will be created at the bottom of the sprint.
  • If you are using epics, you may want to click Configure Fields and add the Epic Link field to the screen shown below, so that you can add issues to epics as you create them. (You can also create an issue that automatically belongs to a particular epic — see auto-complete href="/display/AGILE/Adding+an+Issue+to+an+Epic">Adding an Issue to an Epic.)

Screenshot: Creating an issue

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11 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Jimmy P

    Are there any ways to quickly create user story? Dealing with a lot of fields in the dialog is definitely time consuming, particularly when you want to do quick modeling and brainstorming on the backlog.

    Just an insight, in TFS web interface, they provided a text box on the top of the backlog list view. This is a little but very convenience feature, allowing me to simply type-in a new story, press enter, and so on.

    JIRA seems to be a very thoughtfully-designed product – but missing this little nice feature. Or, perhaps I'm missing something here?

    28 Jan 2014
  2. User avatar

    Chintan Patel

    Hello Jimmy, JIRA does provide the facility to customize the entry field based on your requirement. 

    Try using custom option in configuring fields while creating any user story. 


    Hope this helps.

    31 Jan 2014
  3. User avatar

    Brad Dunn

    Is there a way to write examples into the description box for all tasks?

    I'm trying to standardise a thought process "how to best articulate a task to get the best result" kind of thing, and would like to put some examples into the Description box. Just to encourage users to allocate work to one another in the same way.



    15 May 2014
  4. User avatar

    Gustavo Cabrera


    I don't know if it is possible: I have two different boards for one project. Is there a way to create an issue with a starting status for the first column of each board? For example, when I create an issue in the first board it must start in "Created" status and if I create an issue in the second board, this issue must start in "To Estimate" status.

    Thank you!

    11 Jun 2014
  5. User avatar

    Guy Warwick

    Paste a screen shot into an issue.

    Is there a simpler way to add a screen shot (e.g., when reporting a defect) to an issue than saving the image as a file and then adding an attachment?

    12 Jun 2014
  6. User avatar

    Don Wilkins

    Just noticed that "Create another" no longer works. Data from the current issues fields no longer populate the next issues fields. Any chance this is is a temporary bug? It's quite useful when create multiple issues.

    07 Oct 2014
    1. User avatar

      Andrew Lui [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Hi Don,

      I can't reproduce this on my JIRA instance.  Can you raise a support request and our support team can help you figure out what is going on.

      Kind regards,

      09 Oct 2014
  7. User avatar

    Ellen Buthe

    Are there any standardized fields for the acceptence criteria of user stories?


    11 Nov 2014
  8. User avatar


    The description field is very basic in terms of support for layout, rich text etc. For items with anything more than a small paragraph or two (e.g. where we need to include a table of data, or a basic wireframe) we have to create a Word doc and attach this. There are plenty of rich-text (html) editors out there - like the one I am using to enter this in fact! Is this feature currently available in some way or is planned to be incorporated? Thanks

    17 Dec 2014
  9. User avatar

    Jamie O Toole


    I am new ti using JIRA Agile. I'm looking to create an issue in my backlog for a specific project. However when creating an issue, i would like to see in the drop down, story, task, sub-task however they do not appear to be in the validation. Perhaps i am not meant to see these issues however the majority of issues i wish to include in the sprint/backlog are epics,stories and tasks but cannot find the latter two.

    Can you please inform



    27 Mar 2015
  10. User avatar

    Kimberly Kohler

    The inline "Create Issue" link in the Backlog view does not cause the Create Issue screen to pop up in my board (which is based on a single project).  This is a problem, as our Create Issue screen is designed to present the fields we want the user to populate initially.  Without the screen, editing these fields is cumbersome and easy to forget.  My Create Transition post function also appears to not be firing in this scenario, but I am not sure if that is related to the lack of screen or is a separate issue.

    30 Apr 2015
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