Automatically Link issues to other issues with Automation for Jira


It might be useful for you to be able of simply linking all issues that are related to each other by only linking two of them. 

This is what this article is about.

Here you'll learn on how to configure an Automation for JIRA rule for a specific scenario.

Scenario Description

  • All issues that we want to be linked by this automation rule are using the "Relates To" link type on JIRA.
  • There's only an issue link that is performed manually, to trigger the rule and the other automatic linkst.
  • And the origin for this manual link action, needs to be from the issue that has more issues linked to it with the "Relates To" link type.


  • Rule details:
    • Trigger:
      • Issue Linked;
    • Branch:
      • For Linked Issues;
    • Action:
      • Edit issue fields:
        • Linked issues
        • Relates to
        • {{destinationIssue}}

The logic here is that we trigger the rule whenever we have a link between issues being made and that's  using the "Relates To" link type. Then, on the Branch, we look for the issues that are linked to the "Source Issue" (this concept depends on the link type, but for the Relates To link type, is the issue where the manual link was performed on).

And, finally, we add a new link to all the linked issues by using the {{destinationIssue}} smart value inside of the "Edit Issue" action to reference the newly created issue.

DescriptionHow to automatically link based on other linked issues with Automation for JIRA
ProductAutomation for JIRA, Jira

Last modified on Mar 29, 2021

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