Generating reports on selected authors

An author is any person who checks in code to a repository that is associated with a Bamboo plan. An author need not be a Bamboo user.

Generating a report on selected authors

To generate a report on selected authors:

  1. Click Reports in the top menu bar, then Authors.
  2. Click the Statistics tab.
  3. Set the report parameters:

    ReportChoose from the available reports, described below. Additional reports may have been configured by your Bamboo administrator.
    AuthorsChoose the authors on whom you want to report. Use the <Ctrl> key to select multiple authors.
    Group By

    Choose the time scale for the horizontal axis.

  4. Click Submit.

Selected author report types

The following standard report types are available.

Build activity

Number of build failures

Number of builds broken

Number of builds fixed

Percentage of successful builds


Last modified on Jun 11, 2015

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