Bamboo permissions

Bamboo provides the following types of permissions to allow fully customizable control of access to the continuous delivery workflow:

  • Global permissions
  • Build plan permissions
  • Deployment permissions
    • Deployment project permissions
    • Deployment environment permissions

Permissions key:

(tick) - Permission is set by default

(star) - Permission is available as an option

(error) - Permission not available, even as an option

On this page:

Global permissions

Global permissions level control the ability to view the system, create a new build plan and use administration tools. Global application permissions are accessed from the Global permissions page within the Bamboo administration pages.

User type Access Create plan Create repository Restricted admin Admin
Anonymous (tick) (error) (error) (error) (error)
Logged-in (tick) (error) (star) (star) (star)
Administrator (tick) (tick) (tick) (star) (tick)
Bamboo evaluator* (tick) (tick) (tick) (star) (tick)
Bamboo-admin group (tick) (tick) (tick) (star) (tick)

*Only enabled on the evaluation license


  • Access - access Bamboo.
  • Create plan - create a new plan in Bamboo.
  • Create repository - create and manage linked repositories.
  • Restricted admin - perform some administration operations and view all plans in Bamboo; this role excludes permissions that directly influence the host on which the Bamboo Server is located, however, all plan administration and agent administration is available to restricted admins.
  • Admin - perform all operations and view all plans in Bamboo.

Build plan permissions

Build plan permissions allow a user to control access to the functions of the build plan. These include viewing, editing, building, cloning and administering a build plan. Build plan level permissions are accessed from the build plan configuration page. 


User View Edit Build Clone Admin
Anonymous (tick) (error) (error) (error) (error)
Logged-in (tick) (star) (star) (star) (star)
Administrator (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)


  • View - view the plan and its builds.
  • Edit - view and edit the configuration of the plan and its jobs, not including permissions or stages.
  • Build - trigger a manual build, or suspend and resume the plan.
  • Clone - clone the plan.
  • Admin - edit all aspects of the plan including permissions and stages.

Deployment permissions

Bamboo's deployments features allow you to control permissions for both deployment projects and deployment environments.

Deployment projects

User View Edit
Anonymous (tick) (error)
Logged-in (tick) (star)
Administrator (tick) (tick)


  • View - view the project and its associated environments.
  • Edit - edit the project, its related plan and environment configuration, and create releases.

Deployment environments

User View Edit Deploy
Anonymous (tick) (error) (error)
Logged-in (tick) (star) (star)
Administrator (tick) (tick) (tick)


  • View - view the project and its associated environments. You must also have view permission on the deployment project.
  • Edit - edit the environment.
  • Deploy - deploy releases to this environment and create releases for this project.
Last modified on Jun 9, 2017

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