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You use the Source Code Checkout task to check out a repository for use by just one job.  By default, repositories are checked out to the Bamboo working directory. 

Using Source Code Checkout task you can also:

  • Check out repositories to a custom directory path in the working directory.
  • Specify multiple checkouts that occur at different stages of the build. (Simply add another Source Code Checkout task to a job at any point in the plan.)

For information about specifying a repository for use by all the plan's jobs, or by all plans, see Linking to code repositories.

To configure a new Source Code Checkout task:

  1. Navigate to the job that should perform the task.
  2. Click the Tasks tab, and select an existing 'Source Code Checkout' task in the tasks list, or add a new one using the Add Task button.
  3. Configure the task:

    Task DescriptionEnter a description of the task, for display in Bamboo.
    Disable this taskCheck, or clear, to selectively run this task.
    RepositorySelect the desired repository. If you wish to add different types of repositories, they must have been previously defined on the plan's Source Repositories tab. See Linking to source code repositories for a list of supported SCMs.
    Checkout DirectoryThe location to which the contents of the selected repository will be checked out to when the task executes.
    Force Clean BuildDeletes the previously checked out directory and checks it out again prior to the next build. This may significantly increase build times.
  4. Click Add repository, at the bottom of the 'Task' screen, to check out another repository using this task. 
  5. Click Save.

Screenshot: Configuring a Source Code Checkout task


Last modified on Aug 30, 2017

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