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You can define the capabilities for a specific remote agent by using a configuration file on the agent machine. When the Bamboo agent starts up, it will look in the current runtime directory (i.e. <bamboo-agent-home>/bin) for a file named The capabilities defined in that file will then be published for the Bamboo agent after registering.

We are aware of an issue that prevents a remote agent capability from being updated once it has been added using the file. If you choose to add capabilities with the file, you will only be able to update them by deleting the capability in Bamboo and restarting the remote agent. Please see BAM-4213 for further details.

To configure remote agent capabilities:

  1. Shut down the remote agent, if it is running.
  2. Create a file named in the current runtime directory (i.e. <bamboo-agent-home>/bin) on the agent machine.
  3. Edit the file to add capabilities. You need to use the formats shown below:

    • Use '\' to escape spaces, periods and backslashes ('\'). 
    • All capabilities, other than custom capabilities, should start with 'system'. 

    JDK capabilities

    system.jdk.JDK\ <jdk number>=<jdk location>


    system.jdk.JDK\ 1.6=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6
    system.jdk.JDK\ 1.6=C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk6.0.17

    Executable capabilities

    system.builder.<executable type>.<executable label>=<executable path>


    system.builder.maven.Maven\ 1=/opt/maven-1.0.2
    system.builder.mvn2.Maven\ 2=/opt/maven-2.0
    system.builder.node.Node.js\ 0.12=/opt/node-0.12/bin/node

    Version control capabilities

    system.<DVCS>.executable=<DVCS command location> 



    Perforce capabilities

    system.p4Executable=<perforce executable location>


    Custom capabilities

    <custom capability name>=<custom capability value> 


  4. Save your changes to the file.
  5. Start up your remote agent. The capabilities defined in the file will be configured for your agent.


Last modified on Jul 17, 2019

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