Permissions for deployment environments


Bamboo offers a range of optional settings to make your deployment project function more smoothly. Deployment environment permissions allow you to configure which groups or individuals can view, edit or deploy a project.

Note that the global Bamboo permissions still take precedence. Where a user has environment permissions enabled but project permissions disabled, they will still be unable to access a deployment environment. Please see Bamboo permissions and Creating and configuring a deployment project for more information on managing deployment project permissions.

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Configuring deployment environment permissions

Deployment environment permissions are configured as part of the Other settings section of the environment panel.

To configure your permission strategy:

  1. Open your deployment project and expand the relevant environment panel. In the Other settings section, click on the Permissions button. The 'Edit permissions' screen will display:
  2. Click the Add User or Add Group button to search for and add, users or groups
  3. Check the relevant 'View', 'Edit' or 'Deploy' permission boxes to assign your desired permission scheme
  4. Click Save to save your permission scheme.
Last modified on Jul 20, 2020

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