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When you shut down an elastic instance, the agent process for that instance is killed. Consequently, the elastic agent will not display an offline status, but will be removed altogether from your available elastic agents in Bamboo.

However, information about these elastic agents is recorded in Bamboo and can be viewed on the 'Elastic Agent History' page.

To view the history of an elastic instance that has been shut down:

  1. Click the  icon in the Bamboo header and choose Overview.
  2. Click Agent History in the left navigation panel.
  3. To view the usage history of the elastic agent, click the agent name, or View next to the agent. The 'Elastic Agent History' page (see screenshot) will show the following information:
    • Elastic instance — the elastic instance that the elastic agent ran in.
    • Last startup time — the last time that the elastic agent was started. This is based on the Bamboo server time.
    • Last shutdown time — the last time that the elastic instance was stopped. This is based on the Bamboo server time.
    • Up time — the total time that the elastic agent was online.
    • Build History — this table lists the job builds run by the elastic agent and information about the job build, such as the status, duration, test results, etc. You can access the full results by clicking the build number.

Screenshot: Elastic agent history

Last modified on Jul 20, 2020

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