Disabling or deleting a plan

Bamboo allows you to disable or delete plans that you don't want to be built:
  • Disabling a plan prevents it from being built. You can re-enable the plan, if you want to build it again.
    For example, if a plan's latest build is broken and cannot be fixed quickly, you may want to disable it temporarily to stop the plan from being built.
  • Deleting a plan removes it completely from your Bamboo system. You will need to recreate a new plan from scratch, if you want to build it again.
    For example, if a plan is no longer relevant, you may want to delete it.

Disable a plan

  1. On the All Plans tab of the dashboard. click on the plan's name.
  2. Choose Actions > Disable Plan.

You can also disable the plan using the Plan Enabled check box on the Plan Details tab of a plan's configuration pages.

Note that disabling a plan doesn't disable its branch plans.

Delete a plan

Deleting a plan deletes everything related to that plan, including the plan's configuration, all of the plan's job configurations and the plan's branch plans, job build results, artifacts, labels and comments:

  • (warning) Deleting a plan also deletes its branch plans. Be careful!
  • The 'Admin' global permission is required to delete a plan.
  • A plan that is currently being built cannot be deleted. If you need to delete such a plan, stop the plan's build first. Refer to Stopping an active build for more information.
  • Bamboo 'cleans up' everything related to deleted plans every two minutes. You'll have to wait at least that long if you want to reuse the key from a deleted plan.

There are two ways to delete a plan:

  • From the dashboard:
    1. On the All Plans tab of the dashboard. click on the plan to delete.
    2. Choose Actions > Configure Plan.
    3. Choose Actions > Delete Plan.
  • In the Administration Console:
    1. Click the  icon in the Bamboo header and choose Overview.
    2. Click Remove Plans (under 'Plans') in the left navigation column.
    3. Select the plan you wish to delete.
    4. Click Delete at the bottom of the list. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.
Last modified on Nov 23, 2020

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