Viewing the list of Bamboo stock images

Bamboo provides a collection of Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that are ready for use or further customization. Each AMI is identified by its unique ID. For more information about the parameters of the stock images, see Stock images.

Atlassian AMIs and their IDs may change with each minor or major Bamboo release.

Viewing a list of AMI IDs available for a release

To generate a list of AMI IDs for a Bamboo version:

  1. Save the following script as a .sh file:

    if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
      echo "Usage: `basename $0` [5.8.3] (Your Bamboo version)"
      exit 0
    echo For Bamboo version: $BAMBOO_VERSION
    ELASTIC_VERSION="$(curl -L -v --silent$BAMBOO_VERSION/atlassian-bamboo-$BAMBOO_VERSION.pom 2>&1 | grep \<elastic-image.version\> | sed -e 's/<[^>]*>//g' -e 's/^[[:space:]]*//' -e 's/[[:space:]]*$//')"
    echo "Elastic bamboo version is $ELASTIC_VERSION"
    curl -L -v --silent$ELASTIC_VERSION/atlassian-bamboo-elastic-image-$ELASTIC_VERSION.ami 2>&1 | grep image. 
    echo "REMEMBER: Use the image from the appropriate region!"
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    You can also get the script file from this repo.

  2. In the terminal, go to the directory where you saved the file and run it with the following command:
./<name-of-your-file>.sh <your-bamboo-version>


 ./ 5.9.3
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If you get the "Permission denied" error, you can modify the permissions of the .sh file with the following:

chmod +x <name-of-the-file>.sh


Click the example to see the full script output.


For Bamboo 5.9.3, the results can be the following:

For Bamboo version: 5.9.3

Elastic bamboo version is 4.2

> GET /content/repositories/atlassian-public/com/atlassian/bamboo/atlassian-bamboo-elastic-image/4.2/atlassian-bamboo-elastic-image-4.2.ami HTTP/1.1
image.US_EAST_1.EBS.i386.linux.Amazon\ Linux=ami-489bd620
image.US_EAST_1.EBS.x86_64.linux.Amazon\ Linux=ami-949bd6fc
image.US_EAST_1.S3.i386.linux.Amazon\ Linux=ami-b69dd0de
image.US_EAST_1.S3.x86_64.linux.Amazon\ Linux=ami-889dd0e0
image.SOUTH_AMERICA_1.EBS.x86_64.linux.Ubuntu=ami-e3972efe\ 2008=ami-976edafe


If the script above doesn't work, you can also find the list of Bamboo stock images in the following way:

  1. In the following URL:$BAMBOO_VERSION/atlassian-bamboo-$BAMBOO_VERSION.pom

    change $BAMBOO_VERSION to the Bamboo version number for which you want to list the AMIs.


    For Bamboo 5.9.3:
  2. Open the URL in a browser.
  3. In the atlassian-bamboo-$BAMBOO_VERSION.pom file (where $BAMBOO_VERSION is your version of Bamboo), find the elastic image version for the release. The image version (baseline) is stored as an elastic-image.version property.  
    For the version 5.9.7 (atlassian-bamboo-5.9.7.pom), the elastic image version was 4.2: 



  4. In the following URL:$ELASTIC_VERSION/atlassian-bamboo-elastic-image-$ELASTIC_VERSION.ami

    change $ELASTIC_VERSION to the Bamboo elastic version number from Step 3.


    For Bamboo elastic version 4.2, which is the baseline for Bamboo 5.9.3:
  5. Open the URL in a browser.
  6. The .ami file that opens contains the list of all stock AMI IDs available for the selected version of Bamboo.

    Make sure you choose the image from the correct region. For example:


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Last modified on Nov 23, 2020

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