Integrating Bamboo with Hipchat

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Bamboo can send notifications about build results to Hipchat so you can find out immediately about the success or failure of your builds.

You get Bamboo notifications in your chat room for events such as:

  • when a build passes or fails
  • when you are assigned responsibility for a breaking build
  • when a build you are responsible for has been fixed
  • when a manual stage of a build is ready to be run
  • when a deployment starts, and completes

...and many other notification events.

You can configure Bamboo to send notifications to rooms whether they're hosted by Atlassian on, or by your own organization's Hipchat Server instance:

Configure Bamboo plans to send notifications to a room in

To get notifications in rooms hosted by Atlassian on

  1. Sign up for a Hipchat account.
  2. Set up plan notifications in Bamboo that use the Hipchat Recipient type.

Note that Bamboo does not yet support using Hipchat as a global IM server. Hipchat can only be used in the plan notifications area as shown here:

Configure Bamboo plans to send notifications to your Hipchat server

You can get Bamboo plan notifications in rooms hosted by your own organization's Hipchat Server instance:

  1. Install the Hipchat Server's SSL root or primary certificate in <JAVA_HOME>/jre/lib/security/cacerts keystore on the Bamboo host machine and restart Bamboo. (info) Applicable if you're using a self-signed or internally signed SSL certificate.

  2. Specify the hipchat.api.url system property that is used when Bamboo is starting, by adding -Dhipchat.api.url=<my_hipchat_url> to your JVM arguments as per Configuring system properties.

    Please be sure to include the protocol in the <hipchat.api.url> value, for example:


  3. Set up plan notifications in Bamboo that use the Hipchat Recipient type.
  4. Use a Hipchat V1 token in the API Token field. 
  5. Select your Room name or ID.
  6. Check the Notify flag to send pop-up notification to the room.

For more information about setting up your own Hipchat server, see System Requirements for Hipchat Server.

Last modified on Dec 15, 2021

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