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This page contains details about the scope of Bamboo Support.

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Build Failures

Atlassian will provide Troubleshooting Guide(s) and documentation to help customers resolve Bamboo-related issues.

Ultimately, users are responsible for the administration and maintenance of their build systems and infrastructure.

However, if the root cause of the problem is partially or wholly related to Bamboo, we will create a Bug Report or Feature request to address the issue.

Any bug or feature request reported during the course of investigation is subject to Atlassian's Bug Fixing and New Features Policies, as outlined in the Atlassian Support Offerings document.

Distributed Builds

The pre-requisites outlined in the Technical Overview section of Troubleshooting Guide must be met for server/agent communication to work.

If Atlassian determines that a customer's agent connectivity or communication problem results from a network or environmental factor, it is the customer's responsibility to address this problem and keep their network maintained.


Atlassian does not support custom elastic images (custom AMIs) and recommends using an EBS volume to customize your image if desired. While we are happy to assist with issues related to the elastic agent, we can not help troubleshoot modifications to the Stock images which are not directly related to Bamboo functionality.


Atlassian offers support for certain third party plugins as listed in our supported plugins list. For unsupported plugins, issues should be raised with the provider of the plugin.

The following can be classified as being third-party plugins:

  • Integration with repositories other than Subversion, CVS and Perforce.
  • Third party builders, test and code coverage tools other than what is shipped with Bamboo.

Each plugin's supported status is listed on its page in the Plugin Exchange.

Last modified on May 26, 2016

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