Changes in the Bamboo Clover plugin

With Bamboo version 5.10, the Bamboo Clover plugin started using Clover 4.1.1 which is dropping support for Grails 1.3. As a result, automatic Clover integration with projects written in Grails 1.3 will stop working.

To fix the issue, all projects written in Grails 1.3 must be upgraded to the minimal supported Grails version, which is 2.0.0. Alternatively, a manual integration for collecting code coverage can be configured according to the Clover Code Coverage for Grails documentation.

With Clover version 4.1.1, maven-clover2-plugin has been renamed and is currently being developed under the clover-maven-plugin name. For more information, see What happened to maven-clover2-plugin? 

Bamboo 5.10 uses the new clover-maven-plugin to provide automatic integration with Clover.

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