Bamboo Cloud 5.11-OD-02 release note

The Atlassian Bamboo team are excited to release Bamboo Cloud 5.11-OD-02.

Application Links upgrade to version 5.0.7

With this release, Application Links in Bamboo Cloud are getting a makeover! 

  • Manage integrations of your Atlassian products in the brand new GUI
  • Get instant status visibility and detailed diagnostics when something goes wrong

For more information, see the Application Links documentation.

Ubuntu stock images upgrade to version 5.10 Wily Werewolf

We're upgrading Ubuntu stock images to Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf

For more information, see the Wily Werewolf release notes.

REST API deployment triggers

Now you can trigger deployments using the REST API.

For more information, see the developer documentation.

BAM-13501 - REST API for deployments Resolved

New permission

We've added a new global permission called Create repository that allows you to restrict users who can add and manage linked repositories.

Bug fixes and small improvements

Here's a summary of bugs fixed in this release:

BAM-17075 - Bamboo Cloud is not allowing restricted admin to add shared remote capabilities Resolved

BAM-17105 - Artifact names are not URL encoded Resolved

BAM-17146 - Null agent description causes Bamboo to NPE Resolved

BAM-17122 - REST endpoint for latest Chain result doesn't provide list of artifacts Resolved

BAM-17157 - REST endpoint for latest Job result doesn't provide complete list of artifacts Resolved

BAM-17175 - Deployment Versioning doesn't use custom plan variables Resolved

BAM-16190 - Provide HVM-based images in all regions, accessible from the UI Resolved

BAM-12694 - Executing remote tasks through SSH fails when using key Resolved

BAM-17299 - Remote agent can't reconnect after a Bamboo server restart Resolved

BAM-15779 - NPE when stopping a build Resolved

BAM-15546 - Rerun build fails due to duplicate key error Resolved

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