After updating a Windows server, Bamboo requests a license key after startup

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


After upgrading the Windows Server operating system and starting Bamboo, the application startup stops requesting a license key.


Bamboo 7, 8

Bamboo data is stored on C:\Users


Under rare circumstances, Bamboo will have its <bamboo-home>\bamboo.cfg.xml recreated with empty content after a Windows update


Due to a bug on Windows KB4532693 (details here), the files located on C:\Users may be lost or misplaced after a Windows Update. This includes any Bamboo configuration files. When the <bamboo-home>\bamboo.cfg.xml file does not exist, Bamboo startup process will consider it as a new installation and request the license key as the initial setup process.

When the Bamboo application startup process running as a service is executed at the same time as the file migration task reported on KB4532693, Bamboo configuration files may not be available on the Bamboo Home folder, making the Bamboo startup process create a new environment setup.


  1. Initially, you might find the original file still exists as bamboo.cfg (1).xml. If this is the case, please check its contents and validate that it is a complete setup that points to the correct database. Once confirmed, feel free to restore it over bamboo.cfg.xml
  2. If restoring only the configuration file doesn't work, the Windows bug may have affected more files. In this case, restore the whole <bamboo-home> and <bamboo-install> from a previous Backup, then start Bamboo again
  3. As advised in the Installing Bamboo on Windows guide, please refrain from using Windows security-controlled folders such as C:\Users, C:\Windows, C:\Program Files, etc
  4. Optionally move the Bamboo Home location to a different place

Last modified on Jun 30, 2022

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