Bamboo 2.7 Stages are not passing artifacts to next Stage

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Currently, Bamboo does not support Artifact Passing from one stage to another.


Artifact Passing will be featured in the next release of Bamboo. It will allow you to create build artifacts in one stage and pass them on to subsequent stages. Due to time-constraints, we were not able to squeeze this feature into 2.7 and we believed that stages already provide a lot of value by themselves.


The following workarounds can enable you to access artifacts from previous builds:

1. Artifact URL

Artifacts in Bamboo are accessible via HTTP. You can access the latest artifact of a specific build using the method described in the documentation:


However, with concurrent builds, you might want to be more specific and access the artifact from a specific build rather than the latest one. In this case you can use Bamboo's build specific variables in your build process:

For example if you want to access the artifact called myfile.txt generated by JOB1 in the Project A and Plan B, you could use the following URL:${bamboo.buildNumber}/artifact/myfile.txt

A job in a later stage could utilise wget to download the artifact and use it for the build. The following issue outlines how this would work in regard to authentication:

2. Server Access

Option 2 would be to access the artifact right on the server. Note that this will only work if the Jobs are running on the same agent or on the Bamboo server itself.

In the artifact tab in Bamboo you can find the server path to the artifacts created by a specific job. E.g.:


Again, you would replace the build number with the bamboo variable, which would allow you to access the artifact created by the current build:


All this will become easier with the next release of Bamboo. But I hope this will help you to get started.

Last modified on Jul 10, 2013

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