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Bamboo 3.1 Known Issues

This page describes the known issues for Bamboo 3.1. The entire set of version specific bugs are shown in the JIRA Issues Filter below.

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Knowledge Base

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Bug Tracker

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Bamboo 3.1 Knowledge Base Articles

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Bamboo 3.1 Known Bugs

Note that this filter contains bugs with the field Affects Version set. It does not comprise the entire set of bugs; specifically, it does not include bugs reported in prior versions.

T Key Summary P Status
Bug BAM-11057 Remote Agent fails and keeps retrying High Resolved
Bug BAM-10235 textProvider in SDK Bamboo helloworld task example does not work Medium Open
Bug BAM-10182 Backport invalid character fix to 3.3.x High Resolved
Bug BAM-10031 Information leakage vulnerability Highest Resolved
Bug BAM-10030 OS command injection vulnerability in Perforce library Medium Resolved
Bug BAM-9967 Null values in environent variables may cause a build to fail with a NPE Low Resolved
Bug BAM-9616 buildKey variable not compatible with previous release Medium Resolved
Bug BAM-9576 Shared Artifact no longer shown in JIRA Build tab Medium Resolved
Bug BAM-9571 Bamboo does not preserve case of Path environment variable Low Resolved
Bug BAM-9509 Can't add build plan dependencies (possibly after deleting unrelated projects) Medium Resolved
Bug BAM-9498 AWS does not correctly report spot instance requests state if they expire High Resolved
Bug BAM-9489 Artifacts don't use variable substitution Medium Resolved
Bug BAM-9455 Automatic Maven dependency processor fails to resolve parent project Medium Resolved
Bug BAM-9421 Bamboo admin screens do not require resources with context 'atl.admin' Medium Resolved
Bug BAM-9342 Maven dependency task cannot handle Maven3 projects Medium Resolved
Bug BAM-9331 Maven Dependency Processor Task does not save configuration High Resolved
Bug BAM-9146 Improper detection and marking of "new test failure"s Medium Open
Bug BAM-9119 Call to PostChainAction plugins are not transactional Medium Open
Bug BAM-9044 Bamboo trusted apps "current application" id is inconsistent upon system restarts High Resolved
Bug BAM-9003 Wrong winp file served/used when Windows X64 & Java X32 Low Resolved
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