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Bamboo 3.2 Known Issues

This page describes the known issues for Bamboo 3.2. The entire set of version specific bugs are shown in the JIRA Issues Filter below.

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Knowledge Base

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Bug Tracker

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Bamboo 3.2 Knowledge Base Articles

Bamboo 3.2 Known Bugs

Note that this filter contains bugs with the field Affects Version set. It does not comprise the entire set of bugs; specifically, it does not include bugs reported in prior versions.

T Key Summary P Status
Bug BAM-12672 'Force Clean Build' gets unset for Perforce repository after upgrading Bamboo from 3.2 to 4.3.3 High Resolved
Bug BAM-11596 Bamboo Crashes Due to Insufficient Disk Space and Truncates bamboo.cfg.xml Low Open
Bug BAM-11471 Duplicate authors in database export cause import to fail from HSQL to MySQL High Resolved
Bug BAM-11415 Plugins 2 can't access JNDI classes Low Open
Bug BAM-10516 Clover artefacts and clover.xml not found if working sub dir is set Low Resolved
Bug BAM-10453 Bamboo builds erroneously fail, seemingly at random, with bogus Perforce error on OSX agents High Resolved
Bug BAM-10235 textProvider in SDK Bamboo helloworld task example does not work Medium Open
Bug BAM-10226 Superfluous change detection at the end of triggered build Low Resolved
Bug BAM-10182 Backport invalid character fix to 3.3.x High Resolved
Bug BAM-10168 Empty artifact link generated when there aren't any artifacts collected Low Resolved
Bug BAM-10105 Can't access artifacts due to permission error Low Resolved
Bug BAM-10031 Information leakage vulnerability Highest Resolved
Bug BAM-9966 GIT Checkout via Apache doesn't work Low Open
Bug BAM-9964 Empty string variable will not be subtitude during Run customised option process Low Resolved
Bug BAM-9957 Scheduled backup fails randomly while expiration is running at the same time. Low Open
Bug BAM-9955 Mercurial: Bamboo does not trigger build when user switches branches Low Resolved
Bug BAM-9940 JUnit Parser does not report errors when finding invalid XML input Medium Resolved
Bug BAM-9920 Plan labels are not shown if user does not have edit plan permission or user is not an administrator Medium Resolved
Bug BAM-9911 webwork.multipart.saveDir default value is not used right after instance setup Low Open
Bug BAM-9908 hg repository fails to detect changes while using global variables - http://path/to/repository#${bamboo.tagToBuild} Low Resolved
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