Bamboo build information is missing under builds tab in JIRA

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If Bamboo is integrated with JIRA correctly, we should be able to see information under "Builds" tab in JIRA regardless of the version used for each application. While other pages show the information correctly, "Builds" tab in JIRA shows the following message:


 Bamboo 5.5.1 integrated with JIRA 6.0.7 locally. 

1. Information was correctly showing up under the "Activity" tab in JIRA.

2. I could see related JIRA issues under build summary and issues tab in Bamboo that were active (I could navigate to the issue in JIRA by selecting them).

3. Though creating the application link from Bamboo shows the following error, I was able to create it correctly from JIRA:

4. Linking a JIRA project to a specific Bamboo project did not make any difference (To link to a project select it in JIRA, then select Administration and click on "Configure Project Links" under the Settings section).


This issue is caused by XSRF protection settings in Bamboo. Following bug report is addressing this problem. Though it was marked as "Resolved" in Bamboo 5.4 , when Bamboo is integrated with an older version of JIRA, the issue becomes active again: Enabling the XSRF in Bamboo cause the integration with JIRA 6.1.5 to break


  1. Navigate to Bamboo administration - > Security settings
  2. Uncheck the "Enable XSRF protection" checkbox and save.
  3. Refresh both applications. You should now be able to see information from the related Bamboo build showing up under JIRA's "Builds" tab:
Last modified on Aug 21, 2014

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