Changing storage paths for builds and artifacts in Bamboo

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Bamboo stores artifacts, build working and project directories in the home directory. There are some instances where users will be interested in having this stored outside of bamboo or even in a network to preserve space on the build machine.


All paths can be configured in the bamboo-cfg.xml located in the home directory. The three relevant properties and their default values have been included below:

    <property name="">${bambooHome}/artifacts</property>
    <property name="">${bambooHome}/xml-data/builds</property>
    <property name="buildWorkingDir">${bambooHome}/xml-data/build-dir</property>

If you wish to change the location of where Bamboo stores it's backup, please see the below documentation under Backup Path for the relevant information:

Example steps for configuring the location where artifacts are stored:

Please note, once the below path is changed any existing artifacts will no longer be accessible to builds and deployments unless they are migrated to the new location. We recommend testing and planning for an artifact migration, as permission issues (especially on Windows network shares) could cause Bamboo to be unable to access artifacts under the new location.

  1. Navigate to the bamboo-cfg.xml file in the home directory and change the location as desired. For example to change the artifacts location to a network share, E.g. \\\ATL04\artifacts, the file content should be changed from:

    <property name="">${bambooHome}/artifacts</property>


    <property name="">\\\ATL04\artifacts</property>
  2. Restart Bamboo

Last modified on Dec 20, 2019

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