Remote agent does not restart after server outage

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This behavior has been fixed on Bamboo 6.10.2.


The remote agent's wrapper log (in <bamboo-agent-home>) shows:

FATAL  | wrapper  | 2010/01/29 21:54:09 | There were 5 failed launches in a row, each lasting less than 3 seconds.  Giving up.
FATAL  | wrapper  | 2010/01/29 21:54:09 | There may be a configuration problem: please check the logs.
STATUS | wrapper  | 2010/01/29 21:54:09 | <-- Wrapper Stopped

After that the remote agent has to be restarted manually.


The default configuration of the wrapper repeats an agent start-up attempt 5 times, each start-up attempt times out after 3s (that is if no successful connection could be made).


For longer periods of server outages please configure the wrapper in <bamboo-agent-home>/conf/wrapper.conf with

# How long should the wrapper wait before it considers an invocation successful?  3 seconds should be long
# enough for any configuration errors to have been determined.
wrapper.successful_invocation_time=3 << keep this
wrapper.max_failed_invocations=5 << change this

Increasing the 'max_failed_invocations' parameter will increase the number of attempts.  

The total time before the agent fails is equal to (in seconds):

wrapper.restart.delay (default 5) * wrapper.max_failed_invocations

This would be the equivalent value 2h reconnect attempts after the server outage:


Related improvement request:  BAM-18608 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Last modified on Dec 5, 2019

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