Running Bamboo as a Windows Service - Troubleshooting Guide

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Bamboo runs fine from the Console and Command Prompt. Service appears to be installed correctly, but will not start or an error shows up when trying to run it.

Troubleshooting & Resolution

1. Please navigate to your <bamboo-installation> directory, right click on *UninstallService.bat* and select "Run as Administrator" to uninstall the current service. Make sure it's uninstalled by refreshing the local services page.
2. Now, right click on the "InstallAsService.bat" and select "Run as Administrator" to install the service.
3. When running Bamboo service on Windows, the user should be a local admin. Following the instructions on this page please set up this user: Running Bamboo Service on Windows as a Local User. Double check and make sure you have permissions on both <bamboo-home> and <bamboo-installation> directories.
4. Make sure your JAVA_HOME is set to look into your jdk directory, running "echo %JAVA_HOME%" in cmd should give you a result similar to: "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_161" - for example.
5. Now in the local services page, start the "Bamboo Build Server" service and access Bamboo in browser at the URL you have configured for it, for example: "http://localhost:8085". It takes a few minutes for the application to start running after the service starts.


  • If you experience problems running the service or other executables from cmd, right click on the icon, run cmd as administrator and check if it resolves the problem for you
  • Please check this page for the latest Windows Service Installation guidelines: Running Bamboo as a Windows service

Last modified on Dec 30, 2019

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