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Troubleshooting Bamboo Gadgets


This KB article is relevant if you are having problems integrating Bamboo gadget into other applications.

Common symptoms include;

  • Bamboo Gadgets in Jira Dashboard does not authenticate.
  • Can't successfully 'Login & Approve' bamboo gadgets.
  • Bamboo Gadgets doesn't show content.

Possible Error messages in the logs

  • oauth_problem=timestamp_refused
  • Remote API not activated for this JIRA installation
  • oauth_problem="signature_invalid"


There a many factors and parameters that need to be 'right'. Please check the tasklist in the following Resolution section.

A possible Error Scenario - Bamboo's Base URL

Bamboo and JIRA run behind a reverse proxy. Bamboo and JIRA are reachable from the outside world as and Thus the bamboo server in jira is configured as

Because this is the way bamboo is reached from JIRA, the proxy may terminate the https protocol and talk to bamboo via http as the base url of bamboo is set to

When registering jira ( as an oauth consumer in bamboo is set as the provider. When jira comes to use bamboo gadgets it will send an oauth request to bamboo based on the stored bamboo server info in jira ( Bamboo will receive this request but will not be able to identify itself as (because bamboo's base url is Thus bamboo's oauth module will respond with 'signature_invalid'.

Authentication between jira and bamboo will fail.


  1. Check your JIRA and Bamboo server for correctness, using the task list below:


    Task List

    1. handler

      Bamboo server's Base URL,

      Priority MEDIUM
    2. handler

      JIRA server's Base URL,

      Priority MEDIUM
    3. handler

      JIRA remote api access is enabled,

      Priority MEDIUM
    4. handler

      Bamboo remote api access is enabled,

      Priority MEDIUM
    5. handler

      Bamboo has plans and build results,

      Priority MEDIUM
    6. handler

      Time offset between jira and bamboo server

      Priority MEDIUM
    7. handler

      Apache HTTPD configuration for JIRA and Bamboo

      Priority MEDIUM
      Sep 13, 2010
    8. handler

      Does Bamboo have a different security mode than JIRA

      Priority MEDIUM
      Dec 13, 2012
  2. Add JIRA as an OAuth consumer in Bamboo.
  3. Re-index Bamboo to ensure the data source for the gadgets is in a defined state.

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