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As part of our commitment to improving the privacy of Bitbucket Cloud users, we're launching some changes to how users are identified and how their activity is attributed in Bitbucket Cloud. These changes are in preparation for the launch of some new privacy features which will be made available in the coming weeks.

What's changing?

The main change is the removal of usernames from Bitbucket Cloud. This means that you'll no longer be able to find users by their username to add them to a repository, team, as a reviewer to your pull request or when you mention them. Instead, you can find other users by typing their name.


When a user was @mentioned in the past, their username would appear where they were mentioned. Usernames have been replaced by the user’s full name, and previously mentioned usernames will no longer be linked to the user's profile. This also means that you can no longer search for users by their username.

User access

To add a new user to a repository or team, you will now need to add them by the email address associated with their Atlassian account. You can still manage current users by searching for them by their name.

Audit logs

Users will retain their current user data and state in the Audit log. For example, if a user has been deleted, they would show up as Former user for the events that they triggered. Username change events will no longer be recorded in the Audit log, but past Username events will remain. All events will now be attributed to a user’s full name.

Profile cards

Profile cards will be coming to Bitbucket to help you identify the people you work with. These cards will reflect your email address, avatar, role, and time zone. You can view and manage this information in your Atlassian account settings.

Last modified on Apr 25, 2019

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