What are the guidelines for academic licenses?

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Academic subscriptions are free and intended for college and university members (students, professors, and so forth). To receive an academic subscription, you must have a valid and reachable academic email address set for the account's primary email.

We will automatically give you an academic subscription for your individual Atlassian account, provided your email domain matches our list of accredited academic institutions. Don't worry if we could not match your email domain; you can provide details of your academic institution when requesting a Bitbucket academic subscription. Our customer advocates will assist you in getting an academic subscription.

You can also request an academic subscription for an existing workspace. You can read more about workspaces here.

Academic subscriptions are useful for students working on assignments or groups during their academic studies. These subscriptions allow students and teachers to collaborate with an unlimited number of programmers. In contrast, a standard Free Bitbucket subscription limits the number of collaborators to five. 

An account holder on an academic subscription can join workspaces or work on other projects that are not academic and that belong to other Atlassian accounts. In these cases, joining a workspace or project, your account does "count" toward that workspace's or project's plan like any other account.

When Your Education Email Address Expires

We perform checks from time to time to validate academic email addresses. If your academic email address becomes disabled or you leave the university, you no longer qualify for an academic subscription. If your educational email address expires:

  1. Change the primary email on the account.

  2. Remove the expired email address. 

  3. Upgrade your plan to whichever level you would like.
    If you change to a paid plan, Bitbucket charges you under the new plan.

Last modified on Sep 19, 2022

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