Add images to a wiki page

To add an image to a wiki page, do the following:

  1. Clone the wiki to your local computer:
  2. Add the image to the wiki.
  3. Include the image in your wiki page using the appropriate  syntax.
    The syntax you use to format the code block depends on which language you choose for your wiki. 

    Markdown Creole
    ![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg "Optional title")
    {{image .jpg}}
    {{image .jpg|this is the alt text for my image}}
    [[some link|{{image .jpg}}]] - if you click on the image, will goto "some link"
    [[|{{image .jpg}}]] - same as above: picture links to url
    Textile reStructuredText
    .. image:: image.jpeg
       :height: 100px
       :width: 200 px
       :scale: 50 %
       :alt: alternate text

    Wiki syntax is case sensitive.  If the image file name is image.png make sure your syntax specifies exactly that.

  4. Commit your changes locally.
  5. Push the new changeset to Bitbucket Cloud.


Using Wiki Markup in Bitbucket
Bitbucket 101

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19 Archived comments

  1. User avatar


    That is very complicated!

    Why don't you create a simple image upload or something?

    If adding images to an article is that complex people won't like the wiki at all!

    21 Jun 2012
    1. User avatar


      Totally agree. this complication is annoying and uploading the image then add title in my wiki page does not work

      23 Jun 2012
      1. User avatar


        Our wiki is an area for improvement.  You should file an issue with the issue tracker.  That is the best place to "vote" on software enhancements:


        24 Jun 2012
      1. User avatar


        I had problems getting this to work. My problem was I used ".png" instead of ".PNG". 

        01 Feb 2013
  2. User avatar


    How could I change the size of displayed image?

    19 Aug 2012
  3. User avatar


    Sthg. was wrong with me ...! my git version doesn't recognize the "-A" !

    So I used a classical way ... commit (after adding the picture ) with :

    git push origin master

    and than used that add picture tool in the editor with the full address of my picture on the bitbucket server .

    06 Jan 2013
  4. User avatar


    the -A option is not needed.

    As for rendering the image:

    ![image title](image.png)

    15 Jan 2013
  5. User avatar


    this is freaking terrible, seriously what aweful system

    31 Mar 2013
  6. User avatar


    This IS awefull! Why not a simple upload button which uploads it into a /img/ folder in the wiki repo? I don't see any downside for you! In both methods you host the image anyway.. this is just way more user friendly

    10 May 2013
    1. User avatar


      That is a good suggestion, please feel free to file it as an enhancement request

      10 May 2013
  7. User avatar


    I added a .svg file and instead of getting the figure I get a link that offers to open the figure in a new tab. Could you simply just display the .svg file? Most browsers already support this filetype.

    29 Oct 2013
    1. User avatar


      You can file an enhancement request for this.

      29 Oct 2013
  8. User avatar


    I've tried to add my image file to wiki. But I can't do that so far.


    1. I cloned wiki repository to local.
    2. I add my image that is jpeg format. The file name is test.jpg. The file is located on the top directory of the wiki repository.
    3. I commited and pushed test.jpg.
    4. I editied wikipage using markdown notation as follows.
    ![Alt text](test.jpg "Test message")
    I guess that my /path/to/imagefile is something bad.

    How should I set that?




    or full URL?


    30 Oct 2013
    1. User avatar


       I solved my problem by myself.

      /username/repository_name/wiki/test.jpg and full URL are working well.

      My problem was caused by our proxy setting.


      30 Oct 2013
  9. User avatar


    I have multiple wiki pages at the same level & I want to keep the images for each wiki page in separate folders? How would I keep images in separate folders in the repo?

    19 Feb 2014
  10. User avatar

    Juan MArtinez

    DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT PUT YOUR IMAGES INSIDE OF A FOLDER... they must be in the root directory of the wiki... smh

    09 Jan 2015
  11. User avatar

    Juan MArtinez


    09 Jan 2015
  12. User avatar

    abdelhadi danba

    Hello every one,

    To solve your problem with added image in BitBuckets use:

    ![Title Image](URL_RAW)

    where "URL_RAW" is the url of the image when you click on the Raw bottom in top-right (see attached picture).


    16 Apr 2015
  13. User avatar

    Chen GuangXing

    How can I delete an image file after uploading it? and how long will you keep it?


    31 May 2015
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