Add Users, Set Permissions, and Review Account Plans

Bitbucket Cloud includes many ways to interact and collaborate with others. For example, you can follow another user or add a user to your repository. You can do the procedures on this page in any order you like.

Add users to your repository

If you own a public repository, any Bitbucket user can fork that repository, make changes and send a pull request to you. However, you may want to keep your repository private. In that case, you can add users you know or invite users you think may want to contribute. For both public and private repositories, you can give users the permission to push changes directly to your repository or more, administrate your repository. To do this, you add a user and set their permissions.

  1. Go to the Settings page for your repository.
  2. Click on Access Management.
  3. Start typing a username in the field provided.
    The system provides a dropdown list of possible users that match.
    If you don't know a username you want to add, try adding the tutorials user or atlassian_tutorial.
  4. Select a matching name from the dropdown.
  5. Select a permission:
    Level This permissions allows a user to do the following:
    read View, clone, and fork the repository code. All public repositories grant all Bitbucket Cloud users read permissions automatically. Read access on a repository also allows users to create issues, comment on issues, and edit wiki pages.
    write Contribute to the repository by pushing changes directly from a repository on a local machine.
    admin Can do everything a repository owner can do. This means administrators can:
    • Change repository settings.
    • Add, change, and remove user permissions.
    • Give other users administrator access.
    • Delete the repository.
  6. Click the Add button.
    The system adds the user to the Users list with the permissions you selected. It also sends an email to the user informing them about the add.

If you make a mistake, delete the user and try again.

Verify Plans and users

Bitbucket allows everyone with a free account an unlimited number of public and private repositories. You can grant as many users as you want access to your public repositories. Bitbucket plans restrict the number of users with access to your private repositories. Users with permissions such as write or admin on public repos don't count. With a free plan, you get up to five users, including yourself, with access to your private repositories. 

After adding users to your account, you should review your plan and note which users "count" toward it. To view your plan, do the following:

  1. Choose avatar > Settings.
  2. Choose Plans details from the left hand panel.
    The system displays your current plan status:
  3. Scroll down the page and review the users with access:

    In this example, four users have access: B userbbtutorials (the current account), atlassian_tutorial, and Jonathan Docklovic. Your plan should show the user you granted access to previously. How would your Plan details and Billing details appear if you change bb101repo from private to public? Go ahead and try it.


Beyond code contributions, users can also contribute to your repositories by writing documentation in a wiki or making comments through an issue tracker. In the next section, you enable a wiki and an issue tracker on the bb101repo.

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