Basecamp classic service management


Creation of new service integrations has been deprecated in favor of Bitbucket Cloud's webhooks, Connect integration framework, and email notifications.

With this service, you can integrate Bitbucket Cloud with Basecamp Classic, a web-based project management application. This service does not work with the newer Basecamp product.

Does not Support Latest Version of Basecamp

Bitbucket does not yet support the latest version of Basecamp. You can determine which hook you use by checking which host appears in the Basecamp instance you access. The classic hook instances use the host in their URL.   The newer, unsupported Basecamp instances use a different host.  We have an issue pending to update the broker for the new hook.

If you are having trouble with the service, see Troubleshoot Bitbucket Cloud services.

Setting Up the service

 You must have administrative access on a repository to add this service.

  1. Go to the repository's settings.
  2. Click Services in the left-hand navigation.
    The Services page appears.
  3. Select the Basecamp service from the services dropdown.
  4. Click Add service.
    A new section appears for the Basecamp service.
  5. Enter the following information:

    Password: Enter your Basecamp password.
    Username: Enter your Basecamp username.
    Discussion URL: Enter the Basecamp classic URL to which Bitbucket should send its update messages.

  6. Press Save.
Last modified on Jun 28, 2017

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