Bitbucket Cloud Premium plan


For professional software teams who want better control, security, and accountability over their team's workflow.

Bitbucket Premium gives you:

  • Features designed for growing professional software teams.
  • Twice as many Pipelines build minutes.
  • Twice as much file storage using LFS.

All this and more for $5 / user / month. Learn more about our pricing model

Before the pricing changes go into effect, you can try these features for free. When the pricing change takes effect, we'll move you to the Free plan (if you're a free user) or Standard plan (if you're a paid user). At that point, you'll have a grace period to pick the Premium plan if you want to keep using these features.

If you haven't chosen the Premium plan by the end of the grace period, we'll remove any merge checks or access controls you've configured and make any mirror you created read-only.

Merge checks

Merge checks help your team master the development process with the ability to:

  • Require successful builds before merging.
  • Require code review and approval before merging.
  • Require review approvals on the latest commit.
  • Require pull request task completion.

Together with branch permissions, merge checks help you set up the development workflow which best fits your teams needs.

Smart mirroring

Smart mirroring for Bitbucket Cloud helps globally distributed teams, teams with large repositories, or teams who want the advantages of cloud based source control along with a local mirror.

  • Smart Mirrors can greatly improve Git clone, fetch and pull times.
  • Perfect for globally distributed teams working with large repositories.
  • Large repos that take hours to clone over the Internet can take minutes when cloned from a local mirror on a fast network.
  • Mirroring works with Git Large File Storage in Bitbucket and makes cloning huge binary files dramatically faster.

Access controls

Access controls give you the ability to make sure users meet certain requirements before accessing your private repositories, wikis, issue trackers, and team admin pages. The access controls we currently have include:

  • Requiring two-step verification—Require that the users who can access your private content are only able to view or interact with that content if they've enabled two-step verification.
  • Whitelisting IP addressesRestrict access of your private content to users on certain IP addresses.

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