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When you sign up for Bitbucket Cloud, you get an Atlassian account if you don't already have one. You'll then use your Atlassian account to log into Bitbucket and any other Atlassian cloud product you use.

Because your Atlassian account is separate from the Bitbucket application, you have two different sets of settings. To access both settings, choose Bitbucket settings from your avatar in the bottom left. From there, you'll see your Account settings and the following options:

Account settings Description
Account settings (for your Atlassian account settings) Click your avatar or the Atlassian account link to open the settings for your Atlassian account. From your Atlassian account pages, you can also update your account details, password, and email address (if your organization doesn't manage your account).
Bitbucket profile settings (Bitbucket specific)
  • Username—Change if you want a different username to appear in Bitbucket and in URLs for your personal repositories. When you change your username, you must also update the URL in configuration files for your repositories. See Update your username for more details.
  • Language—Select the language you want to read when using Bitbucket. The language you select may not be fully translated, so you could still see English in some places. Click translate Bitbucket to contribute to the Bitbucket copy that isn't currently translated for your language.
  • Private profile—Select if you don't want other users to see the details of your profile, which includes the repositories you've worked on, your snippets, and your teams.
  • Delete account—Click the link to permanently your repositories and all references to your account. See Delete your account for more details.

Click Update to save your changes.

Preferences (Bitbucket specific)
  • Enable keyboard shortcuts—Remove the checkmark if you don't want keyboard shortcuts to work in Bitbucket.
  • Enable console messages—Remove the checkmark if don't want to receive nonurgent messages from Bitbucket in your console.

Click Update to save your changes.

This section contains the following topics about your account settings:

Last modified on Nov 15, 2017

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