Can I login with an account from another service?

You can sign up or connect to a Bitbucket account with an existing account from the Google or GitHub.

Occasionally, Bitbucket also requires a password for an action, for example, when deleting a repository. When Bitbucket requests a password, you simply supply the password associated with the account. If you skipped that step at sign up, you can always create a password at Change password under Manage account.

Adding or editing your connected accounts

From the Manage account page, you can add a connection to an account, edit, or view the connections associated with an account.

  1. Select avatar > Manage account.
  2. Click Connected accounts in the Security section of the navigation. 
  3. Click Connect for the account you want to use.
  4. Approve access to the account you are connecting.

When you signup using another service's account with Bitbucket, Bitbucket asks you for permission to access that service:

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    I don't see OpenID anymore in the left column of account settings. Is there another way to associate an OpenID with my account?

    16 Apr 2013
    1. User avatar


      You should choose Connected accounts. I'll update the page. Thanks for the catch.  You should know, we have deprecated the use of OpenId.  You can't add an Open Id connection. You can remove one if it exists.  Here is our announcement:

      16 Apr 2013
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