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We're in the process of updating Bitbucket's pull request experience. You may notice these missing features that we're currently working on:

  • Merge checklist – If your admin sets a merge checklist item that requires successful builds, you may not see the checklist when you try to merge with failed builds but you'll get an error.
  • Builds column – May not be shown in the new experience.

To get immediate access to these features from an individual pull request, you can temporarily disable the new view from the Feedback card in the right sidebar. Try the new pull request experience in Bitbucket!

If you use Bitbucket Pipelines or you've integrated with another build system, you can trigger a build to run when any user makes a commit to the repository. That way, you won't have to open your build system to see if a build passed or failed. You'll have the build statuses for each commit right in the pull request:

  •  if all builds for that commit passed
  •  if no builds for that commit failed and at least one build is in progress
  •  if at least one build for that commit failed

From the Overview tab, you'll see the build status for the most recent commit. Click the builds link to see details of each build with links to the build page.

From the Commits tab, you'll see build statuses for each commit in the Builds column.

If your team has a Premium plan, repository admins can prevent pull requests from merging based on build status. If you have this restriction, you'll see these Merge checklist options when you try to merge:

  • At least {#} successful builds on last commit—You can't merge because the pull request doesn't have that number of successful builds for the most recent commit.
  • No failed builds on last commit—You can't merge because the pull request has failed builds for the most recent commit.

To find out more about the Merge checklist options, see Merge a pull request.

Last modified on Apr 30, 2019

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