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Converting from SVN to Git?

Atlassian experts have written an exceptional guide: Migrate to Git from SVN

Converting from SVN or another VCS to Mercurial?

Conversion to a Mercurial repository is easy. Mercurial ships with a convert extension that supports conversion from these systems:

  • Bazaar (experimental, but should work)
  • CVS
  • Darcs (experimental, but should work)
  • Git
  • GNU arch (experimental, but should work)
  • monotone (experimental, but should work)
  • Subversion (SVN)


Follow our detailed guides for:

Importing Code

You can import your code into Bitbucket Cloud without converting it to Mercurial. For instructions, see Import code from an existing project.

  • An excellent Mercurial manual – enter hg convert without specifying any arguments to read the manual
  • ConvertExtension on the Mercurial Wiki
Last modified on Aug 8, 2016

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