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Bitbucket Cloud teams create an environment where people can collaborate on code in repositories to create amazing software. Understanding how teams work both conceptually and functionally will help you create better and more effective teams. The topics on this page will help you learn the basics of what a team is and how to create one.

What makes a team

To better understand how teams work let’s first take a look at how they fit into the Bitbucket environment.

Teams are comprised of       Which are

Who develops the code and manages the team.

Each user has an individual Bitbucket account which can be added to (or removed from) any group or team within the Bitbucket universe.


What users can do and where they can go.

Groups provide permissions (administrator, read/write, read only) to groups of individual users, and are assigned to repositories for the team.


Where the code lives.

The repository is where you store, access, create, develop, modify, and share the code for a project.

Teams and log in

You cannot use the team id, email address, or team name to log into Bitbucket. Each member of the team must have their own individual Bitbucket account.

Creating a simple team

The following process and infographic describe how to create a very simple team: you, one member, and one repository. Feel free to follow along in your Bitbucket account, or just read through to get an idea of what goes into creating a team.

You have an individual Bitbucket account

You create a team
Two groups Administrator and Developer are created by default when you create a team.

  Create a team

To create a team do the following:

  1. Select Teams > Create team.
  2. Fill in the available fields
    1. Team name
    2. Team ID
  3. Add additional team members by entering their Bitbucket username or an email address and clicking Add for each person you want to invite to the new team.
    Note: you are already a member of the team and the administrator by default.
  4. Click Create.

Congratulations you have a team! You are taken to the team overview page where you can create your first team repository or manage the team's settings.

You invite a new member to your team from the developers group
You can invite members to the team from any group within the team.

  Add a member to your team

To add a member to your team do the following:

  1. Select the team you want to manage from the Teams list.
  2. Click Manage team.
  3. Locate the group you want to add the user to.
  4. Enter a Username or email address in the field provided.
    When you type in the field, the system attempts to auto complete the name for you. You can also enter a email address and send them an invitation to join the team and Bitbucket if they don't already have a Bitbucket account.
  5. Click Add.
    If you entered an email address and it has a corresponding Bitbucket account, the system resolves the account for you. If Bitbucket could not resolve the address, it sends the user an invitation to join the team by creating a Bitbucket account. 
  6. Repeat steps 5-6 for each user you want to add.
    For more information, see Grant users and groups access.

You create a repository owned by the team

  Create a repository for a team

To create a repository for your team, do the following:

  1. Click Repositories > Create repository or the Create new repository link.
  2. Select your team name as Owner
    If you don't see the team name make sure that you have create repository permission for the team.
  3. Enter a Name and Description for your repository.
  4. Tick Private if you want to hide your repository from the general public, so that only selected people can see it.
  5. Select the Repository type.
  6. Click Create repository.

Team Default Repository Access

When you create a new repository with the team as owner all the groups in that team are given access by default. To restrict access you must go in and remove any group on the team you do not wish to have access.

Remember, even someone with read only access can clone your repository!

  Give groups access to a repository
To manage repository access, do the following:
  1. Go to a repository for which you have administrative rights (or create a new one).
  2. Click the repository's settings icon.
  3. Choose Access management from the navigation bar.
  4. Add a group from the Select a group drop down.
    The list contains all the groups you have access to either through your individual account or through a team.

At this point you have established all the basic elements of a team: users, groups, and repositories. Now you can add to and configure your team in several different ways to suit the needs of your team.

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