Delete a repository

The repository owner and repository admins can delete a repository. The owner is the account that created the repository. Deleting a repository permanently removes it from Bitbucket Cloud. As a consequence, any URL referencing this repository no longer works. To delete a repository:

  1. Log into your Bitbucket account.
  2. Navigate to the repository you want to delete.
  3. Click the repository's  settings icon.
  4. Choose Delete Repository from the left-hand navigation.
    The system displays the deletion dialog.

  5. (Optional) Enter a URL in the Redirect to field.
    Future users who try to access your repository are sent to this new URL.
  6. Press Delete repository.

Removing a Redirect

Right now, there is no way to edit or remove an existing redirect. The current work around is to create a new repository with the same name as the one which you redirected. Then, delete this new repository without providing a redirect URL. Alternatively, you can speciy a new URL for redirect.

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    In IE10 I don't have the repository's  settings icon, while in Opera12 I have it. Thus, in IE it's not possible to delete a repository

    02 Sep 2013
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    So is it safe to "reset" my (private) repository in Bitbucket by deleting it and creating a new one with the same name?

    After several rebasing and forced pushing, my repository is full of useless "*** strpped abcd1234 from ****" messages. I just want to star over with a clean state.

    07 Oct 2013
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    Well, I would not recommend you start off deleting the repository  Why? If you make a mistake we will not restore it for you. A safer way to do what you want is:

    1. Rename your private repository on BB.
    2. Clone the renamed repository locally.
    3. In the local clone, remove the .git directory.
    4. Reinitialize the directory using git init
    5. Create a new private repository on BB.
    6. Set the origin on the local repo to your new repository.
    7. Push to the new repository.
    8. Verify you have all your code and the commit history you expect in the new repository.
    9. Delete the renamed repository from step 1 if you no longer want it.



    07 Oct 2013
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      S. Heimberg

      A directory can be renamed? But how?

      30 Jan 2014
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    Eric Anderson

    While deleting a repository, I was given the ability to provide a redirection URL.  But the text also stated (emphasis added):

    When you delete a repository, you can leave a note to any future visitors.


    Being able to leave an explanatory note to any future visitors would indeed be helpful.  However, I did not see any opportunity to actually provide that explanatory "note".  I was only given a field in which to put the unexplained URL.  Is there really a way to leave a note to any future visitors?  And if so, how can I add that note?  (If there is no way to do this, that would be a good future feature.)


    26 Jun 2014
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