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    There is no explanation on the support page for why this occurs that I could see.

    22 Sep 2013
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      This is a Git error not a Bitbucket error.  You should first do a Google search for the problem. Make sure to include the name of the Git client you are using in your search.  If you still have problems, please send a note to support.

      23 Sep 2013
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    Joseph Gamache

    Might you explain what "private" really means?  That is, how private is a private repository?  Can anyone from bitbucket/atlassian view the contents?  I didn't see this information readily available.  Maybe I should have added this comment here: Repository privacy, permissions, and more, but that page didn't address how private a private repo was either.

    04 Apr 2014
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      Dan Stevens [Atlassian]

      Private repositories are only visible to users granted access by the repository owner or administrator. So you cannot see the repository in Bitbucket search unless you have access permissions.

      Atlassian has only the access needed to maintain our systems, respond to support requests, and enforce our end user agreement. 

      I agree this is not spelled out as clearly as it could be in the permission page in the documentation. I will address this shortly.

      04 Apr 2014
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