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New to Bitbucket Cloud? Then you came to the right place! No matter where you're starting, you can use the guides in this section to quickly get set up with Bitbucket.

Before you start, make sure you have signed up for an account and have set up your distributed version control system (Git or Mercurial) of choice.

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You create a repository in Bitbucket and clone it to your local system.

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Whether you have unversioned code or an existing Git/Mercurial project, you create a repository in Bitbucket and then connect your local directory to the remote repository. 

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Bitbucket provides a tool for importing from certain source control tools. If your code is in a system Bitbucket can't import, you can convert it to Git or Mercurial before pushing the code to Bitbucket.

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If you already have a Bitbucket repository and a cloned version on your local system, then you're all set! You can now push changes you make locally to Bitbucket and pull updates to your local system.

Once you complete the section that applies to you, you are ready to use Bitbucket! You can now push changes you make locally to your Bitbucket repository and pull updates to your local system.

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