Git Large File Storage in Bitbucket


Bitbucket Cloud will soon release new pricing plans. Each plan will come with a set amount of free Git LFS file storage and you'll be able to buy additional storage. Until the new pricing becomes available we'll give you more storage for free.

We're also excited to announce the following improvements to Git LFS in Bitbucket Cloud:

Manage huge files in Bitbucket with Git LFS

  • Bitbucket Cloud supports the Git Large File Storage (LFS) extension.
  • With Git LFS you'll get shorter clone and fetch times if you work with large files.
  • Read our tutorial about Git LFS and how to use it


Start using Git LFS with Bitbucket

Choose your start point, depending on whether you already have repos in Bitbucket:

New to Bitbucket? See our guide.




Use Bitbucket and Git LFS together

  • Enhance your file transfers with our custom Bitbucket LFS Media Adapter.
  • View your LFS files inside of Bitbucket.
  • See Atlassian's Git LFS for Bitbucket storage policy.
  • Note that there's no limit on the LFS file size you can push to Bitbucket Cloud.
  • There are workarounds for the current limitations with Git LFS for Bitbucket.
  • Troubleshoot problems with Git LFS in Bitbucket.
Last modified on Aug 31, 2017

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