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   Javascript (Node.js)

See our full guide - Javascript (Node.js) with Bitbucket Pipelines.



# You can use any Docker image from Docker Hub or your own container registry
image: golang:1.7
    - step:
        script: # Modify the commands below to build your repository.
          - mkdir -pv "${PACKAGE_PATH}"
          - tar -cO --exclude-vcs --exclude=bitbucket-pipelines.yml . | tar -xv -C "${PACKAGE_PATH}"
          - cd "${PACKAGE_PATH}"
          - go get -v
          - go build -v
          - go test -v



See our full guide - Java with Bitbucket Pipelines.



See our full guide - Ruby with Bitbucket Pipelines.



See our full guide - Python with Bitbucket Pipelines



See our full guide - PHP with Bitbucket Pipelines


   Other supported languages

You can build any language that can be built on Linux by using Docker images.

Some Docker images you can use from Docker Hub to build other languages:

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Remember, if you're having trouble using Bitbucket Pipelines an active community is always there to help.

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