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Users with administrative rights on a repository can create Links to external applications. Links allows Bitbucket Cloud comments and commit messages to reference pages in external programs such as Jenkins.  They can also give these external systems the means to reference information in Bitbucket.  These references typically take the form of hypertext links which is why the feature is called links.  By default, Bitbucket provides the following default links:

Service Description
JIRA Project tracking software from Atlassian. Use JIRA to collect user feedback and track issues.

Continuous integration, deployment, and release management.

(warning) Bamboo Cloud does not support this feature.


Peer review software. Helps you find bugs and improve code quality.

Jenkins An extendable open source continuous integration server

To establish a link to any of these projects, you need to supply a server URL and a key. If you have existing references to a key from a service in your repository, setting up the service retroactively resolves them for you. Links only go from Bitbucket to the service. To view commit messages within the service itself, you'll need an add-on that provides the integration from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Linking your repository to an external application

  1. Go to the repository settings.
  2. Select Links from the left hand menu.
  3. Click on the application you want to link.
    The Repository Link dialog appears.
  4. Enter a URL and a key value.
    The key value is case sensitive.
  5. Press Save.

After you have set up several Links the page appears as follows:

When entering a commit message locally, you reference a specific KEY and value from the service. For example, the BB-4409 value in the following commit message:

 hg commit -m "BB-5792 Profile page website opens in a new window/tab"

Appears in Bitbucket as a link on the commit tab:

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