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    Still no way to link to pull requests? On GitHub they share the same namespace as issues, and mentioning #number is enough.

    23 Nov 2012
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      Unfortunately, there is no way to do this yet.

      26 Nov 2012
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    I am not able to have issue count inside table.

    |= Open Issue Count |

    |<<issues?status=open&status=new count>>|

     Can anyone help to show count inside table?


    01 Jan 2013
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    I tried copying and pasting these but I cant seem to get a list of my issues to come up on the wiki.. Help Please..

    08 Jul 2013
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      Wil, you need to make sure you are using Creole markup in your Wiki. These only work when your Wiki is set to Creole.  See Macro Reference for Creole Markup for a list of all the macros.

      09 Jul 2013
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        That was the key... forgot to set it to Creole.

        09 Jul 2013
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