Log in to manage an individual account or a team

You manage an individual profile by logging in as an account owner. You manage a team by logging in as a team member with administrative rights. The address of the settings page for both types of profiles is:


Logging in to Manage an Individual Account

You manage your individual user profile in two different ways, through your Bitbucket settings and through your Atlassian account.

Here's how to find the details for both:

  • Bitbucket settings: Choose avatar > Bitbucket settings from the Bitbucket toolbar for all your Bitbucket-specific settings.
  • Atlassian account: Choose avatar > Manage Atlassian account. from the Bitbucket toolbar for all your Atlassian-specific details, which include your email address, password, and avatar. Clicking Manage Atlassian account takes you out of Bitbucket to your Atlassian account.

Logging in to Manage a Team

You manage the team from an account with administrative access to the team as described above. You manage a team by doing the following:

  1. Log into a Bitbucket using an account that has administrative rights to the team.
  2. Choose avatar > Bitbucket Settings  from the menu bar.
  3. Select the team you want to manage from the Manage drop down.

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