Make a wiki private or public

A repository administrator can set your Bitbucket Cloud wiki as private or public. Private wikis only allow edits by users with accounts with write or admin access to the wiki's repository. Anyone with a Bitbucket Cloud account can view, edit, or clone a public wiki even if the repository it belongs to is private. If you clone a public repository, you can only push back to it if you successfully authenticate with the credentials of Bitbucket account.

Configuring the Private/Public Settings

  1. Go to the repository's  settings page.
  2. Click Wiki.
  3. Click a check box to set your Wiki privacy settings or choose No wiki.
  4. Click Save.

Who can edit a public wiki?

Public wikis are entirely editable. Anyone who navigates to your Wiki page can clone your Wiki — even people without Bitbucket accounts. Then, the same person can push changes from that clone to your public. To change this behavior, please add your voice to this issue.

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