Manage an individual account or a team

You can use Bitbucket Cloud to create an individual account or a team. There are significant differences between managing individual accounts and managing a team.  The following table provides a summary of these differences.

  Individual Accounts Team
Who can administer the account? The account owner is typically the person that created the account. The owner is the one and only account administrator. A team owner is the person, or account holder, who creates the team and has administrative access through their individual Bitbucket account. Team administrators can then assign specific team members to administer the account.
What does group membership control? Through groups, an administrator controls access to the account's repositories. Group members can have read/write/admin access to repositories. Through groups an administrator controls who is on the team, has access to the team's repositories, and grants team administration rights. Group members can be team administrators, repository creators, and/or repositories administrators.
How should users manage account settings? The owner logs in with the account credentials to manage the account settings. Team members with administrative rights log in with their individual account credentials to administer the team.
Who can create repositories? The account owner. Team members with create-repository permission can create repositories for the team and add them to a project. However, only team administrators can move repositories from one project to another.
Who can create and manage projects? Projects are not available in individual accounts. Only team administrators can create and edit projects for the team. Team members with create-repository permissions can create new repositories in projects.
Is OpenID supported? Individual accounts can associate an OpenId with the account. Teams can not associate an OpenID with the the team.

The topics in this section of the documentation discuss in detail the management topics summarized in the above table.

Topics in Account management

You use the Account pages to set account options.  This section contains the following topics about account management:

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