Notifications for Bitbucket Pipelines

Bitbucket Pipelines can send notifications to your team's chat room, and also to email.


It's easy to get Pipelines to notify HipChat rooms about build result successes and failures:

Read more about setting up notifications for HipChat.


Pipelines can notify Slack about build result successes and failures. 

To configure Slack notifications:

  1. Install the Bitbucket integration in Slack.
  2. Copy the unique webhook URL from the Slack installation guide.
  3. Go to your Bitbucket repository > Settings > Webhooks.
  4. Add a webhook with the unique URL from the Slack installation guide. 
  5. Go to Triggers > Choose from a full list of triggers.
  6. Select:
    • Build status updated to get success and fail notifications
    • Build status created to get a notification when a pipeline is started
  7. Click Save.

Push a change to trigger a pipeline and view notifications in the Slack channel that you selected in the installation process:

Email notifications

You can get emails about:

  • when you push and the pipeline fails.
  • all failed pipelines in a repository.

Personal notifications

If you provided your email in the Bitbucket settings for your account, you'll get notified each time your push triggers a pipeline that fails:

Currently, you can unsubscribe from personal notifications by following the steps in Enabling or disabling email.

Repository notifications

You can subscribe to notifications about all failed pipelines for a repository:

Note: If you clear the All pipelines checkbox for a repository, you will still continue to receive personal notifications.

Generic webhooks

You can set up notifications for services by creating webhooks, just like in the Slack example on this page (Steps 2 to 7). Pipelines uses the commit status API of Bitbucket Cloud.

You can add the following webhooks:

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