Rename or convert an account

You can rename or delete an account or team.  This page contains the following topics:

Though teams are not accounts, renaming a team has most of the same impacts and follows the same procedures.

Renaming an Account

You rename a Bitbucket Cloud account by selecting the Change username option on the Bitbucket Account screen. Renaming your account is the same thing as changing your user or team name.

Changing the account's user/team name changes every URL that references the account's repositories. This change on the remote Bitbucket server invalidates any existing URL pointing to your repositories from user's local repositories. You and anyone who references the old URL in DVCS configuration files must update the [paths] section to reflect the new account name. For example, if you rename your account from johnc to jcitizen, the repository previously available at, is accessed as after the rename. 

Renaming an account resets the account's newsfeed. Previous news associated with the account is deleted. Any followed projects, people and so forth are not preserved.

Updating Configuration Files after a Rename

After changing the ownership of a repository, you must update any configuration files that contain the old URLs. If you don't do this, you will get an error attempting to push your repository to the Bitbucket server. For Git, this error looks similar to the following:

Of course, the exact error message you get depends on which protocol you are using to access the repository. To fix this problem, you can edit the repository URL in your repository's configuration file. The following table illustrates a repository location under the various protocols before and after a transfer. For example, if your username is thecodemeister and the repository's name is coolcode, the URLs used to access the repository are the following:

  SSH format URL HTTPs format URL



Mercurial ssh://

If you transfer the repository to a new team called, newowneract, the new URLs will look like this:

  SSH format URL HTTPs format URL



Mercurial ssh://

If you don't want to edit the configuration file, you can also simply reclone the repository from the new location.

Converting a team to an Individual Account

You cannot convert a Bitbucket team to an individual account. You can give another Bitbucket user administrator permissions to a team and have them remove you, which effectively removes your ownership of the team. 

Converting an Individual Account to a team

You cannot convert an individual account to a Bitbucket team. You can create a Bitbucket team from your individual account, invite users to the team, and then Change or transfer repository ownership to reassign existing repositories to the team. For more information on teams see, Bitbucket Cloud Teams.

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9 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Bernard Chen

    If you're deleting an old account, or setting up a new one to replace a team account, I would suggest that you also get rid of the ssh key associated with the old account. If you don't do this and then want to use the ssh key again for a replacement account, you get an error that the key is already in use, even after the old account has been flagged for deletion.

    15 May 2013
    1. User avatar

      Marcus Bertrand [Atlassian]

      This isn't the case. When you delete an account, it is deleted within a few minutes along with ALL data. If you aren't seeing this behavior, there may be a problem that you should report to support.

      15 May 2013
      1. User avatar

        Bernard Chen

        Thanks. I found that the ssh key was already in use when I went through this same process. It's possible the deletion was queued up and had not yet run, even though it had been a few minutes.

        15 May 2013
  2. User avatar


    Ensure your personal email is removed from the team account.


    What does it mean? Where I can see any email address for my team account?

    26 Nov 2013
    1. User avatar


      Set email preferences explains how to do this.

      26 Nov 2013
  3. User avatar

    Daniel Bosen

    What happens to comments I wrote with the old account? Are they lost or can I transfer them to the new account?

    15 Jan 2014
  4. User avatar


    A note for anyone who changes their bitbucket username and can't access repos via ssh afterwards.

    After changing my username, my ssh key was still being associated with my old username, which prevented me from accessing any repos via ssh. I was able to "ssh -T" which printed a message confirming that I was logging in with my old username. After ~ 2 hours, I was able to access my repos via ssh again with the new username. According to Atlassian support, they were experiencing load issues at the time and the delay to re-associate your ssh keys with the new username is usually much shorter. HTTPS access was working immediately, which you can use as a temporary workaround until your ssh key is re-associated with your new account name.

    error message for googleability:

        git clone
    Cloning into 'somerepo'...
    conq: unable to process command
    fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
        Please make sure you have the correct access rights
    and the repository exists.
    30 Apr 2014
  5. User avatar

    Kees van Bochove

    Has the convert to team functionality for individual accounts been deleted recently? I could not find an option for this anywhere.

    09 May 2014
    1. User avatar

      Dan Stevens [Atlassian]

      Good day Kees,

      Yes we have removed the ability to convert an individual account to a team. We did this as part of realigning teams to work more effectively as collaboration hubs and not as accounts. You can no longer use a team as an account or to log into Bitbucket every member of a team, including the creator/owner, must have an individual Bitbucket account. 

      Having said that you can create a team from your individual account and then follow the instructions in Change or transfer repository ownership, to move your existing repositories to the team.

      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment and I will update this page later today to clarify these points. I will also remove the mention of convert altogether in the near future as this is not available any longer.

      Have an exceptional day!

      09 May 2014
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