Rietveld service management

We have an outstanding issue that this service no longer works as expected. If you experience problems with this service, please add a comment to this issue.

With this service, you can integrate Bitbucket Cloud with Rietveld, a code review tool. If you are having trouble with the service, see Troubleshoot Bitbucket Cloud services.

Setting Up the service

 You must have administrative access on a repository to add this service.

  1. Go to the repository's settings.
  2. Click Services in the left-hand navigation.
    The Services page appears.
  3. Select the Rietveld service from the services dropdown.
  4. Click Add service.
    A new section appears for the Rietveld service.
  5. Enter the following information:


    Enter the URL of your Rietveld site. The default value is:

    Password Enter your Rietveld user password.
    Email Enter your Rietveld email address.
  6. Press Save.

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